Friday, 11 April 2014

Napoleonic Austrian 5th Nassau-Usingen (Sommariva) Regiment

I’ve done the finishing touches on this commission of a unit of x12 Napoleonic Austrian Cuirassier which represents the 5th Nassau-Usingen (then Sommariva) Regiment. These were great fun to paint, and the fantastic sculpting made my work a dream! This is the first time I’ve painted any Front Rank figures, and if I’m totally honest they really are great to work with. The sculpts are Front Rank supplied by the client for stripping and repainting, painting by me, basing to be done by the client.

April Week 2 012 April Week 2 009 April Week 2 010 April Week 2 011

Next on the workbench are the 4th Hesse-Homburg Hussars – watch this space!

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